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  • This is a group of several piano and organ programs that were saved using Dennis Spanogle's new KurleWin! If you have a Kurzweil K1000 series, a pc and you don't have KurleWin then click here.
  • These are the files saved as

  • Below is a very "bad" step by step programming guide I did a couple of years back. (It's very confusing). This is a preset setting in the sound block "A" group called "Echoplex Flute - 181". I'm going to assume that everyone is working with a basic K1000 without the sound block addition and walk you thru the setup from the "Grand Piano - 001" and hopefully expose you to some of the basics of creating new voices on the K1000. Lets start by making sure you have a place to save the file. If you don't have all your locations between 064 and 127 filled then the software will automatically use the next available number as the location to save your work. If all of your user program settings between 064 and 127 are currently filled you will have to delete one that you don't use. Warning: If you have all your locations filled and you don't delete one the software will automatically take you to 064, when you realize that you don't want to loose that setting then you are stuck. I don't know of any way to redirect the software to a new location at this point so either you will loose all your current work or the old 064 program. (The system will prompt you as to what you want to do, but, you are stuck with one or the other.) From this point on the new location will be referred to as "06X" (you may have chosen to delete 120 on your keyboard, but when I refer to "06X", you will use 120). A good way to find the program you need to delete is to make sure you are in one of the "play" modes (LCD will read "multi*", "omni" or "poly", press "enter" "64" "enter" (if you key in the wrong number and realize it before you hit enter, a good short cut is to continue inputting, but use "064", the numbers just scroll off the display. If you have sticking buttons you will appreciate that one.) Play the program and if you want to keep it the press the "program up" button and play setting "65". Continue till you find a preset that you are comfortable deleting. Press the "edit" button and your screen should read "L1 Layer 206 - blah, blah, blah". Press "channel down" (you should be at - L1 Program 100) and press program up to "103 Delete Program?", "yes". The menu should read "Delete "06X"? - (Your program name)", press "yes". Now you have a blank user program location to save a new program. Return to "play" mode, press "enter", "1", "enter" and you will be at "001 - Grand Piano". Go to "edit" mode and you will see "L1 Layer 206 - SF Grand Piano" (your software may say "Acoustic Piano". If you press the "layer" button you will see that the L1 doesn't change to L2. That is because there isn't a layer two. This is a very basic setup on Grand Piano". Press "channel up" and you will go to L1 - Vibrato 300, then "channel up" again takes you to L1 Amp ENV 700 - (undefined). This means just what it says. (Noticed you skipped 400, 500, and 600?) Press "channel up" again and you should see, "L1 ENV Ctl 900", then L1 Master 000, then L1 Program 100, and finally back to L1 Layer 206 - SF Grand Piano. Ok, let 's get started! Press "value up" to change the SF(sound file) from Grand Piano to Vibes and press the "play" button, the screen will prompt you "Save Program" (we only changed one thing, right?) enter "yes", the screen prompts, Save as 06X? - Vibes?", enter "yes". "Program saved as 06X" and your are in one of the three Play modes, Multi*Ch01 A- 06X - Vibes". Let's change the name (I hate this part, so I do it first). "Edit", "Channel down", "Program up" and your at "Name change?" Enter "yes" and if you look closely there is a solid bar under the first letter of Vibes. Press the "Program down" three times and your at "Eibes. Press "yes", you will go back to "Name Program?" which makes you think nothing happened but just press the "yes" button again and you will see that Eibes is still there! Press "yes" again to get back to "Name Program?" Press "Play" and you will be prompted to "Save Program?", "yes", "Rename Program? Eibes", "yes", "Replace 06X? - Vibes", "yes", Program Saved as 06X - Eibes. Go back to Let's change the name and do all the letters to "Echo Plex Setup" When naming a program the "play" button will remove the letter over the bar, the "mode button will add a character (space) over the bar, "channel down" moves the bar to the left, channel up" to the right, "program up and down scrolls thru the characters (just hold down the button and get familiar with the layout, "mode" starts you off with a blank space, program up" takes you thru symbols, numbers, more symbols, then the "caps" alphabet. "Program down" starts with "z" and goes backwards thru the small caps alphabet. Man that was painful, but it had to be done. Take my advice, change about three letters and save your work. I won't tell you the wrong buttons to push, but, (ok, well maybe I will). It's very easy to press the mode button and delete the wrong letter (not too big of a deal, really). But, the big one is after you press "yes" and it prompts you "Name Program?", it's easy to think, "No, I just did that". Don't hit "no", you will loose your "name program" work. It isn't saved until you save the program. Ok, let's move on. Make sure you are listening to these changes as you go. Some of them are triggered later in the setup, so you don't hear any changes right now, but, play as you make the changes so that you hear what is happening. Start with "L1 Layer 215 - FX Vibrato" Press "value down" once to "None" Go to Layer 216 "Change FX Edit Lvl?" "yes" Change to modular effects?", "yes". Back up to 215 and you will see that "FX modular" is now displayed, "channel up" takes you to "L1 LFO1 410 -(undefined). Change the following 413 = 2.10, 414 = on, 415 = Dbl Pulse, 416 = 270*. Go to "L1 ASR1 510" change the following; 512 = 0.00, 513 = 0.61, 514 = 2.00, 515 = Norm, 516 = On. Next go to "Amp Env 702 - Add attack Seg?" "yes" "Insertion Pt: 1_" (channel up and down move the blank position, but, this is correct so just press "yes" this will add Attack Seg 2) Change the following; 704 = 0.10, 705 = 100%, 706 = 2.00, 707 = 90%, 718 = Decay, 719 = 5.00, 738 = Decay, and 739 = 5.00. Go up to 942 = LFO1, 943 = ASR1, 945 = 0db, and 946 = 10db. This last group you should have heard things beginning to take shape. Go to "Layer 202 - Duplicate Layer?", "yes". Display prompts "Layer 2 created" and you have an identical layer 2. Pressing the "layer" button will toggle between L1 and L2 no matter where you are in the "edit program". Also you can go to "L1 Program 104 - Layer Solo Off" and change to "On" to listen to just the layer you are set to. Make changes while toggling both of these settings to get a real feel of the sound you are creating as these next changes come up. Layer 1 and 2 actually create the echo character of the voice. So let just make some changes and listen as we go. I'm only listing the ones that need to be changed. 413 = 2.10, 416 = 90, 513 = 0.00, 514 = 0.00, 515 = Hold, 516 = None, 704 = 0.01, 706 = 1.00, 707 = 60%, 719 = 10.00, 739 = 3.75, 943 = On, 945 = 5 db, 946 = 16db. This should be sounding pretty good right now, all we have to do is add the main voicing. Press program down until you reach, "201 - New Layer?", "yes". The screen reads "Layer 3 created" and then resets back to "New Layer?". Press "Program up" to 206 and change Grand Piano to Ext Dyn Vibes (press "yes" about 30 times or hold down the button about 3 seconds.) These are the changes you'll need to make; 412 = 0, 413 = 5.00, 414 = On, 415 = Sine, 416 = 0*. Go to "L3 ASR1 510 (undefined)", 514 = 0.00, 515 = Hold, 516 = None, 704 = 0.00, 705 = 100%, 718 = Decay, 719 = use your best judgment (somewhere between 4.00 and 10.00 is a start). Now for some fine tuning, we'll change these as a group. 207 L1 = -12, L2 = -24, L3 = 0 213 L1 = 6, L2 = 3, L3 = 1 218 L1 = 60, L2 = 32, L3 = 60 219 L1 = Off, L2 = Off, L3 = On And that's it! "Echo Plex Vibes", you can change the Sound files to get different instrument voices (actually try just changing L3, it's the main voice you hear. I added a E Piano Wave on L4 just to get the full bass in the left hand, and I keep changing the setting every time I sit down. Just tweaking it to fit what ever I'm playing that day. Hope you enjoy it! (you may not see some of this on the basic K1000, someone let me know!)