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Upgrade information for the K1000 series

(collected from personal experience and also other web sites)

The first available upgrade for the K1000 involves K1000 Sound Block "A" KX-A and PX-A for modules (I can only assume that there is a difference). This will include a daughterboard that fits just above the rom chips on the main board. Three chips are removed from the main board and the daughterboard fits into these empty rom sockets. These three chips are installed into the daughter board along with three new chips (new KX-A soundfiles) leaving three empty sockets for latter use with Sound Block "B". The last step is to upgrade the software eproms with replacements (ver. 3.0). At this point if you can power up your keyboard you should have the new sound fonts installed and you will have your previous bin assignments intack. If your system requires a hard reset then you will receive the new bin assignments The most noticable additions with this upgrade are the drum kits, the various flutes and "Wurlitzer style electric pianos". A second bonus is that two programs (180 and 181) give you "prepackaged effects" for echoplex and reverb. I'm not going to tell you this is a must have upgrade especially if you don't need the drum kits. The flutes are very nice and the "Wurlitzer's" are equally convincing. The Wurlitzer's are a sort of dual strike setup that are bell like when struck softly and that unique mellow overdriven buzzing tone when struck hard. I had a Wurltizer (and a Fender Rhodes, too, for that matter) before the Kurweil and you have to really have a nicely setup keyboard to match the consistent tone you get with the Kurweil programs. (Anyone out there that has played either of these reed style piano's with a note or two that just buzzed too easily or didn't match the tone of the other keys knows what I am referring to.) Now for the bad news. If you have the K1000 without this upgrade, it is imposible to find now. I have seen one on the web in Europe for about 95 euro and that was probably a good price. You must have the daugtherboard to make any upgrades and you can't get them from Young Chang anymore. (btw: here is a list of what Young Chang America has in their parts inventory as of 02/22/02. I was told all sales are final and no returns. You have to understand that these keyboards are 12 to 14 years old and pretty much lost their place when the company filed for bankruptcy in the early 90's.) The next upgrade available is for Sound Block "B" which I have not managed to aquire any information for at this time. Here is a list of the programs available in the 1200 Pro 1 sound module. I can not confirm the accuracy of this list so I welcome the comments of others (as always).
The goal of this site is to allow a common location for resources, links, available support and user communication for the Kurzweil K1000 / K1200 series synthesizers. Anyone with additional information regarding these synth's or issues of legality is invited to contact me. (You will need to replace the info inside the brackets with [@] [zero] and remove the brackets).
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